Production Processes

Advanced technology in all production phases

We work with one of the largest and most advanced continuous foam manufacturing machines in the world, the Hennecke QFM, which combines two technologies: UBT and Fall Plate.
All prime materials we use are stored in an air-conditioned environment and are handled internally and externally through an automated transport system.

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Continuous production of rectangular polyurethane foam blocks

QFM (Hennecke) alta presión

The QFM process we use allows to join high-efficiency with economic production of polyester and polyether foams, for blocks up to 60 m long, 2.4 m wide and 1.4 m high. A density range from 14 to 100 kg/m³ and foaming capacities up to 480 kg p/min.

In this process all prime materials are injected into the mixer under high pressure inferences (up to 100 bar), resulting in a perfect mixture and a much more homogeneous foam, with excellent properties and an almost zero difference in characteristics between top, middle and bottom.

Agglomerated polyurethane foam blocks

All foam residues generated in the foaming and piece conversion unit are recycled in a flocculation and agglomeration process.

In our agglomerate foam line, all residues are converted into high-performance foams, aimed at several applications. The produced densities range from 80 to 230 kg/m³ with these materials being used mainly for production of mattresses and technical parts.