Portfolio with about 400 types of foams

We produce a large variety of polyurethane foams, flexible or rigid, with specific weight from 14 kg/m³ to 200 kg/m³, with low or high resilience, low (hyper soft and soft) up to high support, with or without flame retarding features.

Additionally, we offer other exclusive features to meet technical and specific market applications, such as production of PU agglomerate (or recycled) foams, with densities reaching up to 230 kg/m³.

Lathed polyurethane foam

Continuous rolled laminated foam blocks produced in high-precision lathes.

Laminated polyurethane foam

Cutting of PU foam blocks with blade dimensions set regarding the dimensions defined by each client.

Profiled polyurethane foams

Corrugated plates and laminates, with appropriate frontal cutting for applications in acoustic insulation from the environment, for hospitals and sundry packagings.


Polyurethane foam with client-defined configurations regarding length, width and height, for the most diverse purposes.

Irregular polyurethane foam pieces

Polyurethane foam configuration is defined in a drawing or other device.

Cylindrical pieces

Tubular format foams, with a same piece subject to be the result of combination of two or more manufacturing processes.

injected and expanded polypropylene blocks

Polypropylene (EPP) expanded blocks for production of rectangular blocks, ideal for lamination operations for production of spacers, packaging chocks, shock absorbing plates, etc.

Technical pieces molded in expanded polypropylene

Pieces to be employed as protectors, tool cases, antinoise devices, sealings, spacers, shock absorbers, chocks, etc., with formats defined by a drawing and subject to be obtained by injection molding.

Films for sealing of automobile doors

Coatings produced in high performance adhesive polyethylene films, added with the Kontour® technology, that allows the piece to mold itself to the internal contours where it is applied. Ideal for automobile door sealing as a barrier for water and dust penetration.

Vacuum-formed pieces

Pieces to form watertight, protective barriers, etc. It’s profile is defined by a drawing and obtained from thermal conforming molds.

Flame-retardant foams

Foams with excellent performance in situations where fire resistance is required. According to the application, specific resistance is needed. For this aim we apply several standards for evaluation of the level of fire resistance required for our foams, among which:
  • NBR 9178
  • FMVSS 302
  • UL 94 - tipo HF1
  • ISO 3795
  • DIN 75200

Hygiene and Cleaning

Mattress foam line

Table of Products with technical data

BACPU foam, flexible, ether base with anti-bacterial actionMattresses, cushions, sofas, sponges, shoe wear, impregnation & filters16 to 100 Kg/m³
AGPU foam, agglomeratedChocks, pieces requiring strong support, orthopedic mattress, tatamis80 to 230 Kg/m³
CAPU foam, flexible with open cellsAnti-noise application, fillings, printer cartridges, air filters16 to 45 Kg/m³
CFPU foam, flexible with closed cellsAnti-noise application, chocks, acoustic insulation, loudspeaker contours16 to 45 Kg/m³
DBPU foam, flexible, ether base for flame bondingFlame lamination with fabric18 to 45 Kg/m³
EBCPU foam, flexible, ether base with low resilienceFoam for shoe ware, mattress filling and contours23 to 35 Kg/m³
EEPU foam, flexible, esther base Flame lamination with fabric23 to 45 Kg/m³
EECFPU foam, flexible, ether and esther base with closed cellsAutomobile, aviation, toys and packaging applications60 to 120 Kg/m³
EEULPU foam, flexible, ether and esther base, UL-94 HF-1 StandardAnti-noise and chock application, noise insulation28 to 45 Kg/m³
EGPU foam, flexible, esther base with large cellsPaint rollers, cleaning sponges, filters, among other18 to 28 Kg/m³
EMPU foam, flexible, ether base, sea sponge typePaint rollers, bath sponges20 to 30 Kg/m³
EMRPU foam, flexible, ether base, sea sponge typePaint rollers, bath sponges20 to 30 Kg/m³
EMULPU foam, flexible, ether base, sea sponge typeAnti-noise, chocks, acoustic insulation23 to 30 Kg/m³
EPPExpanded polypropyleneShocks, shock absorbers, packaging, hardhats, thermal insulation21 to 80 Kg/m³
ESPU foam, flexible, esther base with large cellsPaint rollers, sponges for filter cleaning23 to 70 Kg/m³
HRPU foam, flexible, ether base with high resilienceMattresses, upholstery, armchairs28 to80 Kg/m³
HSHyper softMattresses, upholstery, armchairs18 to 28 Kg/m³
RRPU foam, flexible, ether base, solvent resistantColchões, estofados, bicamas e poltronaMattresses, upholstery, stacking beds and armchairs
RSPU foam, flexible, ether base, solvent resistantPieces in contact with organic solvents, soaps or detergents23 to 28 Kg/m³
SKASPU foam, flexible, ether base, with strong supportAnti-noise and chocks, mattresses, upholstery, stacking beds14 to 33 Kg/m³
SKBRPU foam, flexible, ether base, with low resilience (viscoelastic)Hospital mattresses, upholstery, upper layer of mattresses, shoulder pads40 to 100 Kg/m³
SKCLPU foam, flexible, ether base, California standardUpholstery, mattresses and armchairs23 to 45 Kg/m³
SKULPU foam, flexible, ether base, UL-94 standardAnti-noise, chocks, acoustic insulation18 to 45 Kg/m³
SKPU foam, flexible, ether baseAnti-noise, chocks, mattresses, upholstery, toys, cosmetics, shoulder pads14 to 100 Kg/m³
SKUVFoams with UV-Ray protective additiveFootwear, bra cups, shoulder pads18 to 100 Kg/m³
SSPU foam, flexible, ether base, super softPillows, soft contact layers of cushions and upholstery 18 to 28 Kg/m³